Every tutor’s nightmare!

I was reading an article in the tes yesterday that featured what seems to be most tutors’ nightmare – moving from house to house endlessly to teach kids from all backgrounds. Although teaching children of different abilities and background is not a problem, their houses might be. The tutor reporting their experiences sounded very dissatisfied with some of the houses they had to teach in. From the very grubby home, where they needed to wipe the table with a cloth before the start of the lesson, to the forgetful house, where the parents forgot the tutor was coming and the lesson had to be done at the foot of the front door, as the child was locked out and the parents were out.

It surely is a really discomfortable experience to travel around pretty much everywhere and that alone is enough to put off many from embarking in the journing of private tuition, but if you start to consider the sort of situations you could end up in, being a private tutor sounds even less appealing. We have spoken to a lot of tutors and they all, without exception, hate journeying from house to house to do their teaching.


Why are we different?

We recognise the stress, and expense, that comes with driving from place to place to deliver lessons and we work from a fixed base in Cardiff, where all our tutors come to deliver their lessons in comfortable, purpose built rooms that are equipped with suitable equipment for learning. We have removed the nightmare from the tuition journey, so our tutors can concentrate on what matters most – teaching!

Another advantage of having a tuition school is that our tutors can come to the school and, in most cases to their own room, at any time they like and they will always find a quiet place to work from.

Having a place where we work from means the parents take their children to us, but most of our students are old enough to make their way to their lessons safely on their own, so that is not a big issue either. Students work in small classes of maximum six pupils and we believe this is another great advantage over the one to one tuition (we will write more on this topic in another Blog post).


Are you convinced yet? If you are a qualified teacher with experience in the classroom and you are considering private tuition contact us for more information on how to become an Ymestyn Tutor. We offer really good rates and we are passionate about working with exceptional teachers who share our vision to enable all learners to achieve their full potential and the grades they deserve.

If you are a parent, or a student, who needs tuition, contacts us to hear more about our rates and our outstanding teaching methods and tools.

Send us an email at info@Ymestyn.co.uk, or call us onĀ 07968183329

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