National GCSE results 2013

The BBC reported further falls in the top grades awarded to GCSE students for the second year in a row. GCSE exams are changing and they are getting tougher in most subjects, but the ones that seem to be taking a big hit are Science and Maths according to the BBC as “There was a big fall in pupils getting top grades in the sciences, following the introduction of new syllabuses and exams”.

Michael Turner, director of JCQ, said “There are many underlying factors affecting this year’s GCSEs, including a sizeable increase in entry by 15-year-olds, new science specifications designed with greater challenge, early and multiple entry in mathematics.”

It is obvious that things have changed in the education landscape in Britain and that more changes are likely to be introduced in the race to compete against the top scoring countries in the world, but who is ultimately affected in this uncertain period are the students. It was reported yesterday by the BBC that an increasing number of learners ends their school days with poor grades and inadequate skills that will not allow them to compete in an increasingly demanding work environment. Attaining good grades at GCSE and A-level is important in the life of every teenager, as it is one, if not the, most important factor to secure a good job as they grow up and become adults.

Why we can make the difference

Our young people are crowded in large classes, sometimes with more than 35 students, where learning can become a struggle for many. Some children will do very well in whatever environment they are, but those who are more easily led by distractions, or that lack the confidence to ask questions in front of their peers, will find the typical class size a big hurdle to their learning, hence to achieving the results they are capable of and that they deserve.

Then, there are those learners who have lots of questions and who are keen to interact with their teacher, but for a number of reasons (often because of poor discipline in large classes) they cannot get the full attention of their teachers. And, lets face it, who can give 100% attention to 30 odd kids who they see for a few hours per week? Teachers are highly skilled professional, but they are still human and the task of dedicating the right amount of time to each learner is often an impossible task in formal education.

This is why Ymestyn works with qualified teachers who have extensive experience of teaching exam classes. Our tutors are experts in their subjects and have a thorough understanding of GCSE and A-level examinations (many of them are Examiners too). In addition, we work with small classes of maximum six students, which is an ideal setting to ensure maximum learning! So, our students are not intimidated by being one to one with a tutor and there is no temptation for neither tutor, nor learner, to spoon feed the right answers without meaningful learning. Also, having other students in the classroom allows all pupils to engage in more active learning activities and for the tutors to plan for more collaborative tasks that help building confidence and skills in their students.


So, If you are a parent, or a student, who needs tuition, contacts us to hear more about our rates and our outstanding teaching methods and tools.

Send us an email at, or call us on 07968183329


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  2. […] important decision of seeking that extra help that will allow them to achieve better results. In a previous post we already talked about the difficulty a large number of learners come across in main stream […]

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