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In this post we want to show you a great free tool, whether you are a student or a parent seeking to help your children getting to grips with mathematical operations. It’s MyScript Calculator – a great free app that works both on Apple and Android devices.

One of the things we love most about this fantastic tool is how intuitive it is. We once met a bright 7 years old boy who was interested in Maths, so we showed him this great calculator that allows you to handwrite your calculations in and it works out the solution for you. We also showed him how you can get rid of your numbers and start over by scribbling on the screen like in the image below.

photo (1)

We then handed the iPad to the very excited boy who, within literally seconds, shouted “You can just draw a line on the numbers to cancel them, look!”


This short story reminded us how intuitive handheld devices like the iPad are and how much more easily than adults children can understand them and use them.

You can write on the screen! So what?

You might think this is just a glorified calculator that is a bit of fun just because you can write on the screen, but there are a few things that you can try to help your children to understand the importance of using the correct notations in Maths. For example, many students are crippled in their exams because they do not know how to use their calculators properly and they easily miss out things like brackets and other important parts of calculations. This is particularly common in Maths and Physics exams, especially at A-level, where more complex calculations are required and easily confuse some candidates who had little practice at using their scientific calculators.

MyScript Calculator allows you to go through Maths calculations with your children and get them to show you how they think these should be laid out. Being able to see in practice that things like missing brackets brings you to a very different answer is most helpful. So, learners can easily see that the operation below gives a very different result to the one that follows with brackets correctly added.

photo (3)

With brackets the same numbers tell a different story!

photo (4)photo (6)

Students often do things like these in their calculators and it is really helpful to be able to show them what they have missed, or typed in wrongly, using a form they understand and can visualise easily. Don’t just stop at MyScript Calculator though, because it is very important that students familiarise themselves with the calculator they will use in their exams. So, make sure you use this fantastic app alongside the students’ own calculator and make comparisons. For example, how would you type the above operation in an ordinary calculator? Would things change, if you’re using a scientific calculator?

At Ymestyn we let students bring their own devices in addition to providing laptops they can use to work with our tutors and because all our rooms have access to Wi-fi internet they can make the best of these tools. So, If you are a parent, or a student, who needs tuition, contacts us to hear more about our rates and our outstanding teaching methods and tools.

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