Revising Biology is fun with The Human Body app!

This week we’d like to show you a great new app that was featured as App of the Week in the Apple Store – The Human Body by Tinybop. This app has great features that will allow your children to revise and consolidate some topics in Biology in a fun and engaging way, as well as giving you the power to interact with them in playful ways.

What does the app do?

In its simplest use this app offers really useful animations of various organ systems in the human body. The animations are accurate and give a good level of interactivity, so that learners can manipulate the objects in the system to see what happens. For example, they could take some bones away from the body to see the effect of having no skeleton, or they could give different types of foods to the little human to eat and see how they affect the teeth. And, yes, they can even see what happens to food at the end of the digestive system with some interesting sound effects :-)


Interactivity and accurate animations are a big bonus, but there is more. The app also allows you as a parent to follow your children and add more than one child. Learners can record questions by speaking as they use the app and leave questions and comments for their parents/tutors to review. The parent/tutor can also respond by recording a comment.


Learning activities with The Human Body

With an app like this there are some really great things you could do, but perhaps one of the most useful tasks to set to your children could be to record their narration of what happens at various stages of an organ system. For example, they could look at the respiratory system and get into more and more details as they focus on different areas of the system (see images below). As a parent/tutor you could review their explanations and offer feedback. This is a great way to revise, because not only this app offers some really useful visual aids, but because it gives a unique way and opportunity for parents to get involved with their children’s education.












Let us know how you’ve used this app with your children and/or students in the comments.

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