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We’ve just discovered this great Prezi by Prof Sara Seager (@ProfSaraSeager) on the search for habitable exoplanets and we thought we’d love to share it with our students and parents, as well as with anyone who’s interested in space. This Prezi is beautifully crafted and of great effect, just what you need to keep your audience engaged. Prezi is a great presentational tool that can be used as a self study help, or even to collaborate with peers and your tutor!

What are the best Prezis?

There are literally thousands of great Prezis uploaded by countless enthusiasts and educators, so it is easy to search for what you are looking for and find quite a range of really effective teaching and revision resources there. But we have chosen three for science to give you a taste for what you could find with little effort.

So, if you are studying Lenses for your Physics exam, you will find lots of good information in this Prezi.


Or if you are working on the Haber Process for your Chemistry exam why don’t you have a look at this research project made by a student?


And if studying the Circulatory System in Biology you could check this great Prezi, again made by students.


Prezi as a collaborative tool

As you noticed in the examples we showed above, Prezi is a fantastic tool for presenting information in engaging ways and it can be a great asset for tutors and teachers, but it also is highly effective as a tool for learners. In fact, a range of activities can be done in lesson time and as independent learning tasks to do at home, as demonstrated by the Biology and Chemistry examples shown above.

There is another great feature of Prezi that not many people realise, or use to its full potential. Prezi lets you share and collaboratively edit the same presentation with multiple users and this makes it a great collaborative learning tool as all sort of projects can be done through it. From taking collaborative notes, to co-present a particular topic with your peers, there is much you can do with a tool like Prezi.

Let us know how you’ve used Prezi and what your favourite Prezis are in the comments to this post.

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