Our Tutors

All our tutors are fully qualified and experienced teachers. They all hold a valid and current CRB check.

Eirian Dafydd BSc PhD – Teacher of Physics and Electronics

Eirian DafyddEirian Dafydd has been a Science teacher since 1988 and has taught across the range of abilities and ages. She was instrumental in establishing the Science Department in one of the Welsh medium schools in South East Wales and under her leadership as Head of Physics, Electronics GCSE and A Level was introduced into the curriculum.

After graduating in Biochemistry from Cardiff University Eirian went on to complete her doctorate before working as a research officer for 6 years at the Welsh National School of Medicine. She then completed a PGCE course at Cardiff University specialising in Physics.

As well as being an experienced classroom practitioner she has co-ordinated Science bridging activities with primary schools and instructed staff on how to best present scientific principles to young children. She has also worked with the WJEC to develop educational resources for Science at Key Stage 3 and A Level Physics. Over the years she has published a number of research papers and scientific articles.

Eirian has also been proactive with schemes to recognise pupils’ potential at GCSE and A Level and target setting and then lead a team of teachers to work with the pupils on areas of weakness in order to raise standards.


Mrs Ann Williams – Teacher of Mathematics and Primary Numeracy and Literacy

Ann Williams“After graduating with a degree in Economics, I pursued a career in Accountancy before training as a Primary School teacher with Mathematics as a specialist subject.

I have taught Mathematics to children of all abilities at Key Stage 2 and 3 and also in the Foundation Phase.

I believe that the key to helping others develop confidence in Mathematics is by ensuring that the learner develops a thorough understanding of how numbers work.

By guiding students through various numeracy strategies, each learner can learn to apply their own preferred method to calculating and problem solving. Let’s make Maths enjoyable.”


Manon Defis – Biology Teacher

Manon Defis“Originally from Carmarthen, I have now settled in Cardiff after graduating with a BSc Honours degree in Biology and then ventured into the world of education with PGCE Secondary (Science with Biology) from Cardiff Metropolitan University.

I have experience of working across a range of ability and age using a variety of teaching methods to meet the needs of all pupils. By preparing exciting educational resources, monitoring progress and setting appropriate targets can increase the confidence of the pupil to reach their full potential. The use of different teaching techniques and review is critical for ensuring pupils’ understanding of the subject and examination success.

  In secondary school, I have been teaching students for advanced level examinations, and during the term  before the examinations I gained experience of setting up and maintaining a successful Revision Club.

I have a positive and enthusiastic attitude and enjoy working with individuals and  groups  to investigate and promote thinking skills in order to enrich the educational experience of the student. I try to encourage my students to develop their vocabulary and terminology and their ability to form solid explanations and interpretations.
I spent time travelling abroad by volunteering and learning skills in schools in developing countries. This expanded my experience in the field of education and my knowledge of the world, an important element of the Biology course. It is  very specialto experience  pupil progress  in a subject and also their enjoyment of learning about all aspects of biology.”


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